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A Damage Type (or Elemental Damage) is an attribute of a weapon or ability that has potential to do bonus damage depending on an enemy's shield or whether or not a Burn modifier is active. Damage types comes in 5 types, Kinetic, Solar, Arc, Void and Stasis.

The color of an enemy's shield represents which damage type it is vulnerable to. Using a damage type against the corresponding shield will do 200% damage. Using a damage type against a non-corresponding shield will do 100% damage.[1]

In Destiny, burn modifiers increase the damage of weapons and abilities, depending on their damage types, up to 200% for Guardians and 300% for enemies.[2]

In Destiny 2, enemy shields are much more volatile as breaking them with the matching damage type will result in an elemental explosion, dealing significant area-of-effect damage to all others in close proximity. Because the damage type of these explosions is the same as the enemy's shield, this can cause a chain reaction of explosions when nearby enemies with matching shield types are caught in the blast radius.

Damage Types[]


  • Each of the Elements are reference to real life phenomenon and energies such as:
    • Kinetic is motion and kinetic energy.
    • Solar is related to combustion, heat and nuclear fusion.
    • Arc is related to lightning bolts and other electromagnetic phenomena.
    • Void is dark energy/matter and gravitational attraction.
      • Void energy comes from The Void which is related to the Quantum Vacuum.
    • Stasis is cold, heat stealing freezing phases into perfect crystals.
  • Stasis was introduced in the Beyond Light expansion for Destiny 2.