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Gulrot, Unclean has been summoned by the Worm Keepers. Don't let the beast's filth spread beyond the prison.
― In-game description

Cult of the Worm is a Prison of Elders challenge in the Destiny expansion House of Wolves.


  • Round 1
    • Enemy: Vex
    • Modifier: Airborne
    • Objective: None
  • Round 2
    • Enemy: Hive
    • Modifier: Grounded
    • Objective: Kill target
  • Round 3
    • Enemy: Vex
    • Modifier: Void Burn
    • Objective: None
  • Round 4
    • Enemy: Hive
    • Modifier: Angry
    • Objective: Destroy mines
  • Round 5


Gulrot is a Hive Ogre Ultra who has a special attack that greatly slows Guardians for a few seconds. They can still turn and shoot their weapons but are unable to move until it wears off. He will use this attack periodically throughout the fight, with a warning message displayed shortly before it takes effect. Guardians should use this opportunity to seek cover so that they are not pinned in a position that allows enemies to shoot at them. Unlike other Ogres who have critical spots on their faces, Gulrot's critical spot is a growth on his chest.