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Hone your skills and win glory in battle against other Guardians.
― In-game description

The Crucible is a competitive player-vs-player (PvP) multiplayer activity in Destiny and Destiny 2. Players can earn loot by completing Crucible matches.[1] However, in order to be eligible for rewards, a player must have obtained at least one kill.

In most playlists, Light and Power advantages are disabled, so all players have a chance regardless of their or their opponents' levels.


Special and heavy ammo spawn in crates for most Crucible gametypes. Special ammo spawns after three minutes and then every two minutes afterwards. Heavy ammo spawns every five minutes, and Lord Shaxx will announce it in advance.

The Crucible is unlocked for all Guardians on a player's account once a Guardian reaches level 5 and speaks to Lord Shaxx.

Crucible Reputation[]

Crucible reputation is awarded to Guardians for completing Crucible matches and bounties.[2] Upon completion of a Crucible match, Guardians receive 25 reputation for a win and 10 for a loss. Once a Guardian reaches a certain Crucible Rank, they will be able to purchase items from Arcite 99-40 and Lord Shaxx in the Tower.[2]

Crucible Rank Required amount of Reputation to reach
Rank 1 1500 Reputation
Rank 2 2000 Reputation
Rank 3+ 2500 Reputation

Destiny 2[]


Destiny 2 Crucible includes two ranking systems: Valor and Glory.

Valor is a progression-based rank available in the Quickplay, Rumble, and Mayhem playlists. Rank points are earned by completing matches, and wins provide more points than losses. After reaching maximum Valor rank, the rank can be reset to earn unique rewards.[3]

Glory is a skill-based rank available in the Competitive playlist. Rank points are earned after every win and deducted after every loss. Quitting a match in progress counts as a loss. Winning multiple matches in a row provides a player with larger gains, but losing multiple matches in a row also provides larger losses.[3]

Trials of the Nine and Iron Banner have their own reward systems and therefore do not provide rank points toward Valor or Glory.[3]

List of Crucible Gametypes[]

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List of Crucible Maps[]

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