The Future War Cult's newest addition to its faction line..."
Tom Doyle, Destiny Art Lead[1]

Conduit F3 was a burst-fire legendary fusion rifle manufactured by the Future War Cult.[1][2][3] Like other fusion rifles, this weapon was created by reverse-engineering technology captured from enemy species.[1] It was cut from the final game.


  • In Destiny canon, fusion rifles are a new, emerging technology for Guardians.[1] Early fusion rifles were deemed inherently unstable and had problems with faulty radiation shielding.[1] Bungie Art Lead Tom Doyle stated that the barrel configuration on the Conduit F3 solves these issues by "dampening the wattage use needed to power the inertial chamber."[1] Doyle went on to state that the Conduit F3's "over-penetrating burst fire is ideal for taking out multiple targets at once."[1]



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