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A Colossus, as seen in Bungie's E3 2014 Experience Trailer

Colossus is a class of the Cabal species.[1] Colossi are huge, hulking Cabal champions with ultra-heavy armor, gatling-style weaponry, and backpacks outfitted with guided missile pods.


A Colossus is a formidable foe, deadly, unrelenting and efficient. They are capable of suppressing or eliminating groups of enemies easily with their weaponry, and although they dominate at long range, it is not advisable to close in either. They are capable of performing stomp attacks, which produce a knockback effect, and give them an opportunity to bombard a Guardian with missiles.[1]

They have a few disadvantages, however. They are large targets, larger than most of their Cabal brethren. They are also slow when moving, and can only use their jump packs to jump short distances. To exploit this, finding cover is normally a good idea to avoid the stream of chaingun bullets that a Colossus sprays out. Being at a higher elevation also limits the chaingun slugs coming towards Guardians, but some missiles will still be able to suppress a Guardian. It is a horrible idea to close in on a Colossus, as its chaingun slugs will slice Guardians down before they can enter melee range. It is best to hang back and snipe them in the head, or unload heavy ammo into them with haste.

Notable Colossi[]


  • Prior to Destiny's release, Colossi were known as Gladiators, with simpler armor and no missile packs.