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Template:Infobox/Weapon A cleaver is a melee weapon used by Hive Knights.[1] Cleavers can also be used by Guardians in the story mission The Sword of Crota, by killing a Blade of Crota during the story mission Fist of Crota, or during the raid Crota's End.


  • The perspective changes to third-person.
  • Health recovery rate is increased.
  • If wearing boots with the Swordbearer's Touch perk, Agility will be temporarily increased.


  • Pressing the melee button will allow the Guardian to string together a 3-hit combo of side-swipes, and holding the directional stick in any direction controls which way the combo moves. Subclass melee abilities cannot be used while the Cleaver is held.
    • Pressing the melee button twice and then quickly pulling the weapon fire trigger will change the three hit combo finisher to an upwards traveling strike, dealing greater damage, but taking slightly longer to redraw for another attack.
    • Guardians in the air can perform a regular melee slash to "swim" through the air.
  • Pressing the fire button will cause the Guardian to leap forward, performing a powerful downward slash ground attack. If airborne, the Guardian will float stationary for a brief moment before falling downwards to perform the ground attack.
    • Continuous ground smashes ultimately deals more damage than slash combos.
  • Performing a Super Ability will cause the Guardian to leap forward and perform a slam attack that creates a wave of energy that can kill multiple enemies and can launch them into the air.
  • Holding the change weapon button will drop the Cleaver.

Crota's End[]

Main article: Crota's End
  • Gatekeeper Knights can only be harmed by a cleaver.
  • Crota's health can only be depleted by a cleaver.