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Channeling the Corruption is a quest in Rise of Iron that ultimately rewards the exotic pulse rifle Outbreak Prime.[1]

Acquiring the Quest

To acquire the quest, a fireteam must enter the raid and activate five hidden monitors before exiting. The following monitors are in sequential order regarding raid progression along with their locations:

Monitor #1 (Vosik)

Location is the "Monitor Room" where Vosik is challenged a second time. In the left-front saferoom, a Guardian can make his or her way up and through the ceiling fan to find a hidden room containing the first monitor. The blades of the fan will be removed after defeating Vosik to allow access.

Monitor #2 (Pipes)

Location is the jumping section between Vosik and the Siege Engine. Halfway through the jumping sections, Guardians can take a detour to the right to locate a hidden chest above on a scaffolding. In this room, the monitor will be much higher up.

Monitor #3 (Siege Engine)

Location is at the end of the Siege Engine Battle prior to jumping downward toward the next checkpoint. After the Siege Engine breaks through the second wall, a Guardian can stay on the highway that was traveled on. At the section where the ramp begins to decline, a Guardian on the right side of the highway can turn and look back to locate a brown and rusted shelving plate attached to the side of the highway that can be shot. While being shot, the door will continually say "immune" which should be disregarded. Continue shooting until the plate explodes off. Enter the side of the side walling to locate the hidden room containing the monitor.

Monitor #4 (Cylinder Room)

This monitor requires a couple of inter-connected activities to complete. Starting with the first two Guardians in the maze room; each must find an interactive monitor (once one is found the other is directly across the pathway). Each of these monitors, when activated, provide a binary code. One monitor gives a binary code that translates to a number corresponding with a row of cylinders that a Guardian in the cylinder room must jump to. The second monitor gives a binary code that translates to a number corresponding with the actual cylinder the Guardian in the cylinder room must jump on. Once the codes are displayed, the team has approximately 7 seconds to translate the code and to get a Guardian in the cylinder room to jump on the codes' corresponding row and cylinder.

As briefly mentioned, there are two locations Guardians must occupy at once; two Guardians must remain in the SIVA Vandal maze room (after defeating all the enemies) and the other four Guardians must continue forward to the room with rows of cylinders. To begin the puzzle, Guardians must access the cylinder room and stand on specific cylinders (one Guardian for each quadrant) to give power to the two interactive monitor's in the SIVA maze room. The picture displays which canister must be stood on for initial activation. Be sure to stand for nearly 10 seconds before checking progress. If the team stood on the correct cylinders, a slight noise may be heard and the pillars in the SIVA maze will now radiate with the bright-red SIVA color.

Map of the Server Room, numbered columns and rows of the servers, and the four Guardians' initial positions.

In the room with all the cylinders, the Guardians can take note of the large numbers on the walls that shape the perimeter of the room. The wall with a "00" will be the first quadrant a Guardian must use when jumping to the proper row and cylinder (as instructed by the preceding two Guardians in the maze room). The quadrant to the left, "01", will be the second quadrant during the second sequences of numbers. The quadrant to the left, "02", will be the third quadrant during the third sequences of numbers. The quadrant to the left, "03", will be the fourth quadrant during the fourth sequences of numbers. A row of cylinders is considered from the first cylinder at the perimeter wall, moving toward the Guardian, and ending at the cylinder just below the walkway. The number of rows is counted by moving from left to right. If the preceding Guardians call out "Row 2", "Cylinder 3" then the Guardian must find the third cylinder in the second row and jump to it. Each section requires the same method; jumping to the corresponding cylinder in the correct row which is provided by the two Guardians in the fallen maze room.

The following is a binary guide for the two Guardians using the SIVA monitors in the SIVA maze. The numbers are translated as follows:

  • 0000=0
  • 0001=1
  • 0010=2
  • 0011=3
  • 0100=4
  • 0101=5

One Guardian will call from his or her monitor the row to be jumped to (for example, 0010 is the second row) while the second will call from his or her monitor the cylinder to be jumped on (for example, 0100 is the fourth cylinder). These interpretations would have the "00 quadrant" Guardian jump to the fourth cylinder in the second row. Approximately 10 seconds later the monitors will provide another set of binary codes to be called out, which would have the Guardian in the "01" quadrant jump to the cylinder closest to the catwalk in the third row. This process will continue until all four Guardians in the cylinder room are standing on a cylinder. Continue waiting for approximately 10 seconds until a loud noise is heard and the central casing in the cylinder room is lifted. Find an exotic chest and the monitor in the center of the exposed SIVA core.

Monitor #5 (Aksis)

The location is in the final arena where Aksis is destroyed after the second phase. Return to the spawn point and peers over the railing. Follows the perimeter of the railing to the right while looking over and below to find a secret platform that allows access to a hidden room and chest containing a SIVA Engine, which starts Step 1 of the quest.


  • If the fireteam leaves the raid prior to activating all 5 monitors, the monitor progress will start over and will require the team to restart the raid to reactivate the monitors.
  • A player may join a fireteam in the raid anytime without losing monitor progress that the raid team has achieved.
  • Once the quest is obtained, the questline will require a three-man fireteam consisting of one Titan, one Warlock, and one Hunter. Fireteams can reduce the stress and wait-time of the questline by ensuring they maintain a team throughout the raid and questline as the questline also requires a fireteam member to be at the same point of the questline as the host.

Quest Steps

The quest line has 10 steps to be completed before receiving the raids exotic pulse rifle. Refer to the following steps to complete the quest line.

1) *The "Be the Battery" task requires a Warlock (W), Titan (T), and Hunter (H) fireteam at the same step to conduct the following together:

  • Finish a Nightfall Strike
  • Finish 3 public events in the plagelands
  • Finish 3 Heroic Strikes or Crucible Matches
  • Get 50 kills with a pulse rifle

Many teams followed Datto's lead in selecting Elimination for their Crucible portion with the intent to immediately lose each round for fastest completion. After the 4 tasks are completed, the quest line will advance to the second step.

2) *"The Light May Bind" is the second step and requires the specific fire team to enter in a code within their SIVA engine (located in the inventory screen). Each class has a different code to input. Use this guide to input the class' specific code.

  • Hunters: 23223
  • Warlocks: 31313
  • Titans: 32323

Inputting the codes together and syncing the SIVA engine will bring the characters to the third task. Note that this task MUST BE DONE with the (W), (T), and (H) fire team before one can progress to step three; "Parts of a Whole".

3) The "Parts of a Whole" step is the first step that allows players to branch off individually for step completion. Be advised that later steps will require the team to reunite for completion. In the third step the guardians are required to finish the following:

  • Explore the Plaguelands 0%--100%
  • Fight 3 Times in the Archons Forge
  • Destroy Sepiks Perfected

Killing an enemy will grant the player two "Siva Techs" and 4 "Siva Techs" will seemingly grant 1%; however, a Public Event grants the player 90 "Siva Techs" which calculates to 22%. A fast method to completing this task is to first defeat the Sepiks Perfected Strike followed by going to the Plaguelands and heading straight to the Archons Forge (as they count as Public Events.)

After completing the "Parts of a Whole" step, the players must reunite in a 3-man fire team with their opposing classes (fire team must have the (H), (W), and (T) together). The SIVA Engine at this point must be charged by having the players input yet another code into their SIVA Engine. Use the following guide to easily input the appropriate code:

  • Hunters 24414
  • Warlocks 13334
  • Titans 42123

After inputting the codes, the quest line will advance to the next step which requires the host of the quest to complete the raid once again. The quest line needs three engine parts that come as drops from the raid bosses. The quest requires a team to defeat the three bosses in the raid (Vosik, the Zamboni, and Aksis). The team then receives one part from each boss. Once the three parts are obtained, the fireteam will advance to the final step which again requires the fireteam containing a (H), (W), and (T) (all on the same step as well).

During the final step, the players must enter in a mathematical calculation that ends with the number 730. The player will notice their first number (which is the start number) and must use the next 5 columns to both add and subtract consecutively in an attempt to meet the required 730 number at the end of the sequence (occasionally the end number might not equal 730). Note the top three rows add while the bottom two rows subtract. One can use this site for an easy solution.

Once the codes have been entered by all fireteam members, the final step is to talk with Shiro-4 to finally receive the long-awaited pulse rifle. Obtaining the pulse rifle will also clear one of the exotic quests from the Rise of Iron Book (the other three being Khvostov 7G-02, Thorn (Year 3), and Gjallarhorn. Congratulations on a deed well deserved.

Occasionally one player within the fireteam will receive the gun and the other two will not. If this happens return to orbit, then proceed back into the Iron Temple. After you land at the Iron Temple all three players must enter their code and press X or A at the same time.


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