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Cabal Render

A Centurion.

Centurions are a class of the Cabal species.[1] Centurions are known to use jump jets to be more mobile on the battlefield, and are tougher than their Legionary brethren.

They are the most mobile of the Cabal, with only Psion pilots being more agile. They use jump jets to attack from above or flank targets, then use slug rifles and grenades to engage. They hold a higher rank in the Cabal than Psions, Legionaries, and Phalanxs, but lower than Colossi.[1]


Centurions are squad leaders, issuing orders to Legionaries and Phalanxes. However, they aren't afraid to charge into the fray, using their jump jets to easily maneuver around the battlefield. Thus, getting a decent shot on them isn't an easy task. Not only are they highly mobile, but they are also durable and powerful. Their armor comes with solar shields to increase their defense, and they are usually armed with Projection Rifles, which launch high-velocity, high-explosive grenades that detonate upon impact and deal heavy splash damage. They have an impressive range and can kill from surprisingly long distances, making them a very dangerous high-priority target.

Shooting them when their solar shield is up will cause them to run for cover to recharge. Therefore, it's best to pursue a Centurion before this happens. They are easily taken down when they aren't jumping around, so it's a good idea to take cover and wait for them to land before shooting them in the head for critical damage once the shield is depleted.

Notable Centurions[]



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