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A buff is a temporary status effect that provides a beneficial boost to a player's Guardian. A debuff has the opposite effect.

List of BuffsEdit

Buff Source Effect Duration
Armor of Light Enter a Defender Titan's Ward of Dawn that has the Armor of Light upgrade. Increases damage resistance while inside Ward of Dawn. Duration of stay within Ward of Dawn
Blessing of Light Pass through a Defender Titan's Ward of Dawn that has the Blessing of Light upgrade. Gain an additional shield. 10 seconds (15 if Titan is wearing The Glasshouse)
Boundless Light Only available during subclass quest Super ability charges nearly instantly after use Length of mission
Weapons of Light Pass through a Defender Titan's Ward of Dawn that has the Weapons of Light upgrade. Increases weapon damage by 25%. 10 seconds (15 if Titan is wearing The Glasshouse)
Radiant Light Complete the Weekly Nightfall Strike. Increases all XP and most Reputation gains by 25%. Remaining time until Weekly Reset
Tempering Purchase from Lord Saladin for one Mote of Light. Increases Iron Banner reputation gains. 12 hours
Time's Vengeance In Vault of Glass, destroy all Oracles after Atheon, Time's Conflux opens the timestream. Significantly increases damage dealt to Atheon. 30 seconds
Angel of Light Aim your weapon in the air with the Sunsinger perk Angel of Light activated. Hover in the air while aiming. Until touchdown
Chalice of Light Obtain the Chalice from the centre of the pit or from another Guardian. Enables health regeneration during Crota encounter in Crota's End. Until raid is completed
Immune Have the Devouring Essence debuff taken from you while fighting Skolas in Skolas's Revenge. Unable to take the Devouring Essence from another Guardian. 40 seconds
Jailbreaker Killed the Eye of Qodron during the last round of The Forever Eater. Greatly increased damage to detention bubbles. 30 seconds
Ether Key Defeated the boss of a Prowling Wolves event. Provides one opportunity to open a nearby Ether Chest. 1 minute 30 seconds
Brand of Immortality Steal the Brand from the Vessel of Oryx or the Sisters in King's Fall raid. Makes anyone inside its aura invincible. Until the Hymn of Weaving or Dirge of Unravelling is complete or the Light Bombs are detonated.
Empowered Selected three at random during the second Aksis encounter in Wrath of the Machine. Allows one to stun Aksis or supercharge Guardians from Servitor plates. Until the empowerment is discharged on Aksis' back or on a plate, when empowerment shifts to another Guardian, or when a Guardian fails to stun Aksis.

List of DebuffsEdit

Debuff Source Effect Duration
A Dark Burden Encounter Sardon, Fist of Crota in Fist of Crota. Disables double-jump abilities and damages the affected Guardian if they are at a significantly higher elevation than Sardon. Until Sardon is killed
Bane of the Swordless At the Bridge encounter in Crota's End, attempt to cross the bridge without a sword. Immediately kills the Guardian. Instantaneous
Crota's Presence In Crota's End, summon Crota. Disables automatic health regeneration for everyone in the fireteam. Until raid is completed.
Curse of the Aegis In Vault of Glass, a fireteam member dropped the Aegis. Kills everyone in the fireteam if the Aegis is not picked up. 5 seconds
Detain Selected at random by The Templar or Atheon. Held stationary within an energy field. Until bubble is destroyed
Gorgon's Gaze In Vault of Glass, be detected by a Gorgon. Kills everyone in the fireteam if the Gorgon is not killed first. 6 seconds
Marked for Negation In the Templar encounters in Vault of Glass, step into a Fanatic's death pool or fail to kill an Oracle in time. Kills the Guardian when The Templar casts Ritual of Negation. Until cleansed with the Aegis or pool of light in Templar's Well
Marked by the Void In Vault of Glass, enter a timestream portal while an Aegis is available. Vision becomes gradually obscured. Until cleansed with the Aegis
Weight of Darkness In the Abyss encounter in Crota's End, move away from a source of light. Disables double-jump abilities and slows movement speed. Stacks up to ten times. Until cleansed with pillar of light or abyss encounter completed


Exited a detainment bubble in the Vault of Glass without destroying it. Kills the Guardian. Under 5 seconds
Lost In Time In the Atheon and Gatekeeper encounters, everyone not inside a Vex Timegate dies. Kills all Guardians within the portal. 5 seconds
Prophecy Of Doom In the Atheon encounter, fail to kill an Oracle within a Timegate. Kills all Guardians inside the portal. 5 seconds
Oracle's Cry In the story mission "Wolves' Gambit," fail to kill an Oracle within 10 seconds of it appearing. Immediately kills all Guardians. Instantaneous
Devouring Essence Selected at random by Skolas in the Prison of Elders. Kills target if not taken away by another Guardian. 30 seconds
The Floor is Lava!

Investigate the scrap pile on the observation catwalk above the landing strip in the Tower Plaza (marked "Don't Pick Me Up").

In 5 seconds, damages the Guardian if they are in contact with the floor. Fences and objects do not count.

If the Guardian spends too long without moving (approximately 55 seconds), they are damaged very quickly.

Until Guardian dies.

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