Bows are ranged weapons that were first introduced in Destiny 2: Forsaken. These weapons utilize arrows that can be charged to fire with more force and higher precision. The weapon is notable for having a single magazine size (as arrows need to be notched) and with arrows capable of exploding and dealing damage across a small area. These weapons are extremely useful for picking off single powerful targets as well as groups of weaker enemies.


Bows are capable of being accurate at high range with a full charge of arrows. While aiming down sights, a glowing meter will display to show the state of the arrow's charge. While drawing an arrow, excessive delay in firing the arrow will result in the Guardian automatically losing it, with a warning appearing as the Guardian's arms begin to shake.

The Guardian's first bow, No Turning Back, is a gift from Petra Venj before they begin to hunt the Scorn Barons.

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