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Blink is a character movement ability used by Warlocks and Hunters in Destiny as part of the Voidwalker and Bladedancer subclasses.

The ability allows the player to teleport up a short distance upon jumping. Blink is a modifier that acts as a replacement for Glide for the Voidwalker subclass and Double Jump for the Bladedancer subclass. Despite being a form of teleport, Blink does not allow a player to phase through shallow or low-thickness obstructions, instead hitting one upon arrival.

Blink exmples

Blink replaces glide or double jump, being activated by hitting the jump button in mid-air. The direction of the blink is determined by the point in your arc it is activated, tangent to the point in the direction you are moving. This means it can be activated to teleport backwards, assuming you jumped in reverse. Blink is not just limited to the direction your character is facing. Blink always teleports the same distance, unless it encounters an obstruction.


"We learned how to blink from Warlocks. But please don't admit that." - Aphorisms to Anger Warlocks[1]


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