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The ritual.

A Blade of Crota is a gold-tinted Hive Knight major who appears in Old Russia and Ocean of Storms. These, unlike most Knights, have an Arc shield. When a Blade is about to spawn, the message "The minions of Crota have started a ritual" will appear for all players in the area. A circle of three Acolytes will appear at one of the area's Blade spawn locations. After a short time or if the circle is disturbed by a Guardian, the message "The Blades of Crota have invaded this world" will appear, and a Blade will spawn in the circle. The invasion party will then attack any Guardians or Fallen in the area.

When killed, Blades of Crota drop a Cleaver for use by Guardians. Blades of Crota also have a chance of dropping a Husk of the Pit.

The Blades of Crota were introduced in Update 1.1 just before the release of The Dark Below. The world event was removed in Update 1.2.0, but Guardians can still find Blades of Crota in the story mission Fist of Crota.



  • The Steppes
    • The basement area in which Hallowed Knight and Acolytes spawn.
    • A cave in which Dregs and Vandals normally spawn, near the patrol start point.
  • Mothyards
    • Among the first row of planes, farthest to the left, in front of where the sparrow is activated during The Warmind.
    • On the bottom level of the split-level cave near the connection to Forgotten Shore.
  • Skywatch
    • Inside the cave nearest to the crashed Hive seeder. It's the same cave as the Loot Cave Easter Egg.
    • Inside the building accessible through the seeder, near the entrance to the Jovian Complex.
  • Forgotten Shore
    • Inside a cave guarded by Dregs and Shanks, to the right when arriving from the Mothyards.
    • In the hold of the wrecked ship nearest the connection to the Mothyards.
  • The Divide
    • In a room near the center of the area, next to a patrol mission beacon.
    • In a room behind a large broken tube, near the connection to Rocketyard.
  • Rocketyard
    • In an elevated room on the left-hand side of the area when entering from The Divide.
    • In a room near the entrance to King's Watch.


  • Archer's Line
    • In the bunker with a bridge, near the Accelerator building and to the left of the patrol start point.
    • Inside the accelerator building, where a Servitor and Reaver Vandal normally spawn.
  • Hellmouth
    • In the small building partially buried in rubble, near the connection to Archer's Line.
    • In the side area containing an abandoned colony base.
  • Anchor of Light
    • In a cave behind the tall buildings near the passage to the Temple of Crota.
    • In the lowest level of the communication tower in the side area.