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Assault a Fallen stronghold. Forge your Gjallarhorn.
― In-game description

Beauty in Delivery is a story mission in Destiny: Rise of Iron. It takes place in Skyshock, Earth and is the second and final mission in the quest Beauty in Destruction.


  • Clear Out the Fallen
  • Find the Final Components
  • Defend Ghost
  • Claim Your Gjallarhorn
  • Eliminate the Fallen


{Loading Screen}

  • LORD SALADIN: Guardian, you should know the Fallen were not at Bannerfall by chance. They are readying an attack force once more on the City.
  • GHOST: You're telling us this now?
  • SALADIN: Have faith. The Gjallarhorn was created to deal with threats just like this. Arm yourself, and see this done.


  • GHOST: I have Saladin's notes on where the last components could be.

The Guardian kills the Fallen in the area and then makes their way to the rear of the control tower. The Guardian places the unfinished Gjallarhorn on the table next to the remaining components. The Ghost attempts to reconstruct the weapon.

  • GHOST: I'm going to need some time to integrate these last pieces. And, you know, not getting shot would be nice, too.
  • SALADIN: Use your surroundings, Young Wolf. Make them come to you.

Several Skiffs drop off Fallen soldiers, and they attack the Guardian.

  • SALADIN: You are an Iron Lord. Your Light is a dragon. You will not fall.

The Guardian continues to defend against the Fallen reinforcements.

  • GHOST: Whatever you do, don't let them in here. There's barely enough elbow room in here for me!
  • GHOST: Did you even know there was this many Fallen on Earth?
  • GHOST: Can you keep it down out there?

Eventually, the Ghost finishes constructing the weapon.

  • GHOST: I'm done! Come grab this thing!

The Guardian picks up the Gjallarhorn.

  • SALADIN: The power of the Iron Lords now rests in your hands, Guardian. Use it. Clear the Gap, and remind the Fallen what happened to their number so long ago.

Skiffs drop off a number of Devil Splicers and two Perfected Walkers. The Guardian destroys all of them.

  • SALADIN: Lord Guardian. A fitting title if there ever was one. You are now truly an Iron Lord.
  • GHOST: Aww. He's such a nice guy underneath the armor.
  • SALADIN: Find me again at the Iron Temple, Young Wolf. I will look upon your new weapon and deliver my congratulations in person.

{Mission Ends}


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