Baxx, the Gravekeeper, later known as Baxx, Hand of Oryx, is an Ogre.


Baxx, the Gravekeeper confronted a Guardian who ventured into the Chamber of Night to steal a shard from a Crystal that had previously contained Crota's soul. When the Guardian was close to killing him, Oryx recruited Baxx into the Taken. After the Guardian stole the shard, Baxx was teleported back as a Taken Ogre under the name of Baxx, Hand of Oryx.[1]

Later, when the Guardian attempted to gather some of Crota's death essence into that shard, Baxx appeared along with Ta'aun, Hand of Oryx and attacked the Guardian. They were unsuccessful, and the Guardian escaped again.[2]

When the Guardian entered the Ascendant Realm on the Dreadnaught intending to kill Oryx, Baxx once again appeared with Ta'aun and attacked the Guardian. Both Baxx and Ta'aun were killed by the Guardian.[3]



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