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The Battle of Twilight Gap was a fierce battle between the forces of the City and the combined might of the Fallen Houses at Twilight Gap. The battle was hard fought, but eventually the city emerged victorious, rebuffing the assault which resulted in the alliance of Fallen breaking apart.



Prior to the battle, the Crows of Prince Uldren of the Reef intercepted messages between the Fallen Houses. They were able to infer from the messages that the Fallen were preparing for a large combined offensive against the City. Without sufficient lines of communication, the Reef was unable to warn to the City of the impending attack, however. When the House of Wolves began to marshal their forces on Ceres, Queen Mara Sov decided to stop the Wolves before they could reach the City, thus starting the Reef Wars.


Led by the House of Kings, the House of Winter and the House of Devils attacked outposts of the City at Twilight Gap, starting the battle.[1] The battle was brutal and bloody, with heavy casualties on both sides. Fallen Walkers fought duels with gun batteries stationed on the Wall.[2] At some point during the carnage, Lord Shaxx rallied The City's defenses and led a counter-attack that pushed the Fallen back from The City's walls.


After the unbelievable deaths at Twilight Gap, weapon manufacturers like Crux/Lomar created weapons such as Grim Citizen III[3] and the famous Gjallarhorn, which was forged from the armor of the fallen Guardians that died at Twilight Gap and gifted to the survivors of the battle.[4]



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