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For the Destiny 2 Crucible map, see Bannerfall (Destiny 2).

Bannerfall is a Crucible map in the Destiny expansion The Taken King.[1]

This map is set in the remains of another Tower on the other side of The City. It is a medium-side map with good ranges for sniping and corridors for close-combat battles. It is also good for playing Control or Rift.


This Tower bears insignia from the start of New Monarchy, and that of a mysterious fourth faction that disappeared with this Tower. It also contains the remains of the workshop of weaponsmith Feizel Crux, including blueprints and designs data on several of their iconic rocket launchers such as Truth.[2]

Eventually, a Guardian returned to Bannerfall to retrieve the plans for Gjallarhorn and stop a Fallen attempt to destroy the Wall.[2]