"There was a campaign to call it Lysander's Folly, but I don't want people even remembering his name."
Ikora Rey

Bannerfall is a Crucible map located in the Last CIty on Earth.

  • Behind the locked door on on the far side of the map, where the A Control mark is, there can be heard a Frame  telling Guardians to watch out for the wet floors or apologizing for getting in the way.
  • In a room accessible only through the questline Beauty in Destruction  in Rise of Iron, Guardians can access a old workshop. It contains weapons data, blueprints, and other design specs for the iconic Exotic Rocket launchers Gjallarhorn and Truth.
  • In Destiny 2, the New Monarchy side of the map instead features Cabal Red Legion banners and equipment, indicating that Bannerfall may have also been the site of a battle during the Red War.
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