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For the Year 1 pulse rifle, see Bad Juju (Year 1).

"If you believe your weapon wants to end all existence, then so it will." —Toland, the Shattered
― In-game description

Bad Juju is an exotic pulse rifle. It can be dismantled to generate upgrade materials.


Bad Juju can be retrieved from one of the following activities/vendors:

Trials of Osiris source icon.png Trials of Osiris
This item can drop as a Trials of Osiris reward.
Nightfall source icon.jpg Nightfall
This item can drop from Nightfall activities.
The Taken King source icon.png The Taken King
This item requires the Taken King expansion.
Xur, Agent of the Nine source icon.png Xûr, Agent of the Nine
Xûr, Agent of the Nine, sometimes sells this item in the Tower.
King's Fall source icon.png King's Fall
This item can drop in the King's Fall Raid.


Bad Juju can be upgraded with the following perks:

Column 0[]

Kinetic Damage perk icon.png Kinetic Damage
This weapon causes kinetic damage.
Full Auto perk icon.png Full Auto
This weapon can be fired in full auto mode.
Infuse perk icon.png Infuse
Consume a more powerful Weapon to boost the Attack value of this Weapon.

Column 1[]

Smooth Ballistics perk icon.png Smooth Ballistics
Increased recoil.

Boost to range.

Soft Ballistics perk icon.png Soft Ballistics
Less recoil.

Penalty to Impact.

Smart Drift Control perk icon.png Smart Drift Control
Predictable and controllable recoil.

Penalty to range.

Column 2[]

Hip Fire perk icon.png Hip Fire
This weapon has bonus accuracy while firing from the hip.

Column 3[]

Armor Piercing Rounds perk icon.png Armor Piercing Rounds
These iridium-core rounds overpenetrate targets.

Their mass slows down weapon handling.

Send It perk icon.png Send It
Increases range and accuracy.

Harder to handle. Decreases carried Ammo capacity.

Perfect Balance perk icon.png Perfect Balance
This weapon has extremely low recoil.

Column 4[]

String of Curses perk icon.png String of Curses
After each kill, this weapon will reload instantly and increase damage for a short time. Kills will help charge your super.