Ayane Takanome was the leader of a group known as Takanome's Rangers.


Ayane Takanome was the leader of the Rangers, one of the first groups that protected refugees traveling to The City. Despite not being a Guardian, she and her Rangers were often the only protection available in the early days of the Dark Age, when most Guardians were just starting to revive and regroup.[1]

As their numbers dwindled and the Guardians took over, she and her group took to planting blue flowers along the safest routes, so as to guide refugees.[2] A cloak similar to the one that she wore was later available for use by Hunter Guardians.[3] While her story and that of her Rangers was later recounted by Chiyoko Mey, some believe Takanome and her group to be merely a myth.


  • "Follow the blue flowers to the City. And know that even if the planter is dead, they still watch over you."