Oryx is dead, but the Taken are still a threat.
― In-game description

At the Gates is a quest that ultimately rewards the legendary sword Dreadfang.

Quest StepsEdit

Step OneEdit

Quest step icon Pretender to the Throne
"Complete the mission "Pretender to the Throne" on the Dreadnaught."

Step TwoEdit

Quest step icon They Can Run
"Kill Taken anywhere and find clues to where Malok is hiding."

Objectives: 20 Echoes of Malok

Step ThreeEdit

Quest step icon Talk to Eris
"Take the Echoes of Malok to Eris Morn in the Tower."

Step FourEdit

Quest step icon Blighted Chalice
"Defeat Malok in the "Blighted Chalice" Strike on the Moon."

Step FiveEdit

Quest step icon Return to Variks
"Talk to Variks in the Reef."

Rewards: Dreadfang


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