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For the area in the Plaguelands, see Archon's Forge (Location).

Archon's Forge is an activity in Rise of Iron,[1] similar to the Court of Oryx introduced in The Taken King. The activity requires Guardians to wipe out a large group of enemies as quickly as possible after which a group of stronger enemies will spawn.[1] It is found at the Archon's Keep in the Plaguelands.


Archon's Forge is accessible in Plaguelands Patrol.[1] To start the activity, Guardians must offer one of three SIVA offerings at the Forge[1]; a Fused SIVA Offering, an Enhanced SIVA Offering or a Perfected SIVA Offering.

When a Guardian dies, they are transported to a balcony overlooking the arena and are kept there for a time. Players can buy their way back in by using a Splicer Key.[1] Unlike the Court of Oryx, SIVA offerings are always consumed, whether the player survives or fails the encounter.


The Archon's Forge has several unique pieces of gear associated with it.

Titan armor:

Hunter armor:

Warlock armor:


Armor sets and weapons will drop at up to 400 light.

Ghost Shell:

Ghost shells will drop at up to 400 light.

The Forge can also drop non-unique artifacts and class items at up to 400 light.


Before a Fallen is allowed to be augmented by SIVA, they must obtain a SIVA sample, present it to the leadership, and prove themselves in battle in a religious ritual.[1] When Guardians present the sample, Fallen consider it to be a defilement.[1]


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