Arc Blade

A Hunter using Arc Blade on Fallen Dregs.

Arc Blade is a Hunter Super Ability used by the Bladedancer subclass in Destiny.[1]

The technique powers the Hunter and their knife with Arc energy, increasing the Hunter's damage resistance and movement speed by small amounts. The Hunter then darts towards any target within their range, slashing them with the knife. The target is then enveloped in Arc energy and takes heavy damage, sufficient enough to instantly kill all but the most powerful of foes. In the Destiny Community Thank You video, the Arc Blade is used in succession to defeat two Fallen Dregs.[2]


  • Showstopper: Press "RT/R2" during Arc Blade to damage nearby enemies.
  • Razor's Edge: Press "RT/R2" during Arc Blade to unleash a destructive wave of energy that travels along the ground.
  • Vanish: Press "RT/R2" during Arc Blade to disappear from sight.


  • Encore: Killing an enemy with Arc Blade extends its duration.
  • Increase melee attack speed attribute on gear.
  • Mask of the Third Man


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