Guardians aren't supposed to investigate their past. That's the rule. But I'm not good with rules. Not when there's this much at stake.
― Anastasia Bray

Anastasia Bray,[1] better known as Ana Bray, is a Hunter.[2] She was present at the Battle of Twilight Gap where she wore a cloak with the same pattern as Strength of the Pack.[2] She appears as a major supporting character in the Destiny 2 Warmind expansion as she attempts to uncover the mystery behind Rasputin and the polar ice caps of Mars.


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Anatasia Bray is an adopted member of House of Bray, the founders of the exoscience corporation Clovis Bray.[3] Her whereabouts and exploits during the events of the Red War are largely unknown, with the exception of trace mentions by other characters or her redacted diary located in the Daito office in the Tower. She gets into contact with the Guardian while they are en route to Mars, requesting assistance after a frozen Hive army reawakens.



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