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Destiny 1[]


  • "Hey, how's that ship doing?"
  • "You take care of that ship."
  • "Hey Guardian."
  • "Ya need a ship?"

Destiny 2[]


  • "Who told Shaxx we bumped his maintenance? Ugh. Now I need to explain."
  • "For you, Guardian, anything"

Sparrow Racing League[]

  • "S,R,L"
  • "How's that Sparrow runnin'?"
  • "They're passin' you."
  • "It's not over yet, catch up"
  • "Cayde's got a lotta Glimmer riding on this."
  • "Don't give up Guardian, it ain't over 'til Shaxx sings"
  • "Vex and Cabal on the track, watch out"
  • "Hostiles on the track, be careful"
  • "That's some smooth ridin', you're in the lead"
  • "You're first, stay there!"
  • "Race over, we have a winner!"
  • "Tower thanks everyone for their participation, we have a winner."