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The shipwrights of the Tower repair and recommission the ships of the City's Guardians.
― In-game description[2]

Amanda Holliday is a non-player character located within the Tower. Holliday is a human, but does not wear armor associated with any particular Guardian class.[2] She sells jumpships and Sparrows to players.[2] She also gave quests and bounties during the Sparrow Racing League event.


Amanda Holliday was born to a wandering group of scavengers outside the walls of The City. She became a skilled mechanic, working on the group's vehicles as they journeyed towards The Last City. Her mother carried a shotgun called The Chaperone, which was later redesigned and made available to Guardians.[3]


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  • Prior to update 2.0.0 in Destiny, Amanda wore different apparel.



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