A Guardian's journey to bring Light to the Darkness.
― In-game description

Age of Triumph is a quest that introduces players to all of the new content and activities in the Age of Triumph update. It is given by The Speaker upon reaching level 40.

Quest StepsEdit

Step OneEdit

Quest step icon Destroy the Darkness
"Complete story missions in the featured Weekly Story Playlist."

Objectives: 5 Story Missions

Step TwoEdit

Quest step icon Eternal Vigilance
"Complete Patrols on each destination."


Step ThreeEdit

Quest step icon Shining Your Light
"Kill champions summoned by Antiquated Runes in the Court of Oryx or Perfected champions in Archon's Forge."

Objectives: 3 Champions Killed

Step FourEdit

Quest step icon Visit The Speaker
"The Speaker would like to see you in the Tower."

Step FiveEdit

Quest step icon Striking Back
"Complete Strikes in the SIVA Crisis Heroic Playlist."

Objectives: 3 Strikes Completed

Step SixEdit

Quest step icon In the Gloom
"Complete the weekly Nightfall Strike."

Step SevenEdit

Quest step icon Up to the Challenge
"Complete the Challenge of Elders."

Step EightEdit

Quest step icon Victory or Death
"Complete Crucible Bounties from Lord Shaxx."

Objectives: 2 Bounties Completed

Step NineEdit

Quest step icon The Speaker Calls
"Return to the Speaker in the Tower."

Rewards: Red Memorial ornament

Step TenEdit

Quest step icon The Traveler's Will
"Complete the Weekly Featured Raid."

Step ElevenEdit

Quest step icon Return to the Speaker
"Visit the Speaker in the Tower."



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