Template:Infobox/Weapon The Aegis is a relic that is usable during the Vault of Glass Raid.[1][2] It plays an important role in several phases of the raid such as lowering The Templar's shield, cleansing players marked by Oracles, and protecting the fireteam from Atheon's attacks.

Once the Aegis has been picked up, it may not be put back down without initiating the Curse of the Aegis, although it will disappear on its own as the team progresses through the raid. If the carrier dies after picking it up, or it is dropped by the carrier using the change weapon button, it must be retrieved by another Guardian within 5 seconds or the entire team will be killed by the "Curse of the Aegis.


The Aegis was created by Kabr, a Titan who became trapped in the Vault of Glass. In his last moments, Kabr took a Vex's still-living part and infused it with his Light to create the shield in the desperate hope that another fireteam would some day come to destroy Atheon for good.[2]


  • Melee button: Quick melee attack. This attack may be used rapidly to damage a single enemy or to "swim" across open spaces.
  • Fire weapon button: Strong melee attack. This does more damage than the normal melee attack and also launches the user a greater distance towards the target. If pressed while airborne, the user will slam down onto the floor and damage all enemies near the landing.
  • Grenade button: Hold to deploy shield. This shield will block all enemy projectiles from coming in while allowing Guardians to shoot out, and will also remove the "Mark of Negation" and "Marked by the Void" debuffs from any player inside it. Maintaining the shield will deplete grenade energy and it must be allowed to recharge, for a time comparable to the time the shield was kept up, before it can be used again.
  • Super Ability: Fires a bolt straight out from the shield that does tremendous damage to a single target. This attack can also remove the shield from The Templar.
  • Change weapon button: Hold to drop the Aegis. If it is dropped, the Curse of the Aegis will begin, so only a few shots can be made before it must be picked back up again.


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