Ada-1, previously known as Adeliade Meyrin, is an Exo that serves as the current Curator of the Black Armory.


Ada-1 was born as Adeliade Meyrin during the height of the Golden Age. She was the daughter of Henrietta Meyrin, who was one of the 3 leaders of the Black Armory. During the events of the Collapse, she was gravely injured and her consciousness was placed inside of an Exo frame by her mother. The Darkness would go on to kill all of the leaders of the Black Armory.

Ada-1 currently resides as the last gatekeeper to the Black Armory and has an uneasy relationship with Guardians. She reluctantly allows the Guardian into the Black Armory, but only on the condition that they find the Forges that were lost.


Ada-1 is located in the Black Armory, which is located behind a secret door in the Annex of the Tower.

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