Moonbase Accelerator

The Accelerator is a location on the Moon that can be visited by players.[1]


Like Moonbase, the Accelerator is an abandoned colonial site from the Golden Age of humanity.[1] According to Bungie Lead Environment Artist Sam Jones, "It is a pale shadow of a once pivotal and very active machine."[1]

As the name implies, the Accelerator's focal point is its massive Fusion Coil Accelerator (also known as a coilgun).[1] Though no longer functional, the Fusion Coil Accelerator at one time used electromagnetic coils to accelerate projectiles to high speeds.[1] During the Golden Age, the Accelerator delivered payloads to colonization efforts throughout the Solar System.[1] Now, the Accelerator is useful as a landmark from which players may navigate the Moon's geography.[1]

Design and InspirationEdit

Accelerator Concept

The Accelerator is designed primarily to meet the "design/art need to create a large and obvious visual anchor point on the Lunar surface," and can be used "as an easy navigation point from all around the Moon."[1] The Accelerator shares some design elements with Moonbase, and both locations were created out of the same pieces of early concept art.[1]

The Accelerator's numerous meteorite "pockmarks" and its layers of moondust are designed with the theme in mind of nature's slow erasure of man’s foothold on the Moon.[1] Its design also uses bold colors and huge letters to help give it "a sense of vibrancy and identity" and "humanize the location."[1]

Numerous Bungie designers and artists helped to create the Accelerator, including Sam Jones, Tom Farnsworth, Chris Carney, Alex Pfeiffer, Daniel Grafstrom, Aaron Steelman and Matt Sammons.[1]


  • The Accelerator's futuristic concept of a lunar launch pad designed to fling payloads long distances into deep space is based on potential future applications of current real-world technology such as railguns and the Large Hadron Collider.[1]
  • Like Moonbase, the Accelerator utilizes Grognok's "Human Colony Outpost" palette,[1] a "graphical Lego set" that includes the hallmarks of deep space exploration by humans during the Golden Age: "vacuum sealed entryways, accordion tunnels for access, prefabbed panel construction, and lots of assorted hardware."[2]
  • During the Destiny Public Beta, one mission took place here.


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