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Player abilities are magic-like powers wielded by all Guardians depending on class and subclass.[1] Light abilities are granted to guardians through the Traveler. Stasis abilities are gifted to Guardians by the Darkness.

The abilities available to a player are determined primarily by the player's subclass.[2][3] In turn, the subclasses that the player can use are determined by that player's class and which subclasses the player has discovered or unlocked.[2][3] Abilities can be unlocked and upgraded by gaining XP in Destiny.[3] In Destiny 2, most abilities are unlocked by default, with notable exceptions being Stasis and the new subclass skill trees released with Destiny 2: Forsaken.


Light abilities are granted to guardians through the Traveler.[1] Stasis abilities are received through a connection to the Darkness.[4]

Ability Types[]

Abilities may be divided into several categories, and each subclass contains at least one ability under each category:

Destiny Abilities[]

Abilities added in Destiny 2[]

  • Class Abilities


  • In interviews and media, Bungie employees jokingly refer to abilities as "space magic."[5]


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