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For the quest in Year 1, see A Light in the Dark (Year 1).

A Light in the Dark is a quest that ultimately rewards the exotic hand cannon Thorn.

The quest is started by obtaining the Jagged Purpose mission item, which is dropped randomly upon completion of a weekly bounty given by Shiro-4. Bringing this item to Eris Morn will start the first step of the quest.

Quest Steps[]

Step One[]

Quest step icon Echoes of Darkness
"Face "The Wretched Eye" and defeat Kovik, the Devil Splicers' high priest."

Step Two[]

Quest step icon Harvest of the Lesser
"Wipe out Fallen in the Plaguelands to feed the weapon's appetite."

Objectives: 500 Fallen defeated

Step Three[]

Quest step icon Feast Upon the Light
"Use Void Damage to defeat Guardians in the Crucible."

Objectives: 125 Crucible void kills

Step Four[]

Quest step icon Cleansed by the Light
"Consume Motes of Light to cleanse yourself and the weapon."

Objectives: 5 Motes consumed

Step Five[]

Quest step icon Where It Began
"Find a Skeleton Key and open the Strike Hoard at the end of "The Abomination Heist" Strike."

Rewards: Thorn