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Present the Gate Lord's head to the Queen for entrance into the Black Garden.
― In-game description

A Key Awaits is a story mission in Destiny that takes place in the Reef. The mission contains no gameplay and is only a cutscene. It can be played only once by the same Guardian.



The Guardian enters Mara Sov's throne room. Mara is sitting comfortably on her throne. Her brother, Uldren Sov, is standing facing her. Two Vandals with pikes stand nearby at rest. Mara turns her attention to the Guardian as they draw near.

  • MARA: It is alive. And still has its ball.

Uldren turns around and smirks, seeing nothing in the Guardian's hands.

  • ULDREN: There is no shame in running away, Guardian. Apart from the cowardice and failure of it, it's an excellent strategy.
  • GUARDIAN: We didn't run.

Mara and Uldren exchange looks of confusion.

  • MARA: Was no Gate Lord slain, brother?
  • GHOST: Oh, we slayed a Gate Lord!

The Guardian looks at the Ghost expectingly.

  • GUARDIAN: Ghost.

Ghost teleports the Vex head into the throne room, and it crashes to the floor in front of them. Mara, Uldren, and the Fallen guards are visibly shocked.

  • GUARDIAN: We need to find the Black Garden.
  • ULDREN: Hah. They don't even know where it is.
  • MARA: Let us tell them. Search the Gate Lord for that which gains them entrance.

Uldren turns to Mara, irritated.

  • ULDREN: Why?! If you wish them certain death, just kill them here!
  • MARA: Often, when we guess at others' motives, we reveal only our own.
  • ULDREN: My motive is simply loyalty--to a people, a Queen, and a sister.

Uldren kneels, showing his sincerity.

  • MARA: Then, please: take what is required.

Uldren reluctantly steps down from beside Mara's throne and stops next to the Gate Lord's head. He draws a knife and plunges it in, ripping out the eye. The eye's glow disappears, and Uldren smiles.

  • ULDREN: Dead, unfortunately. A wasted journey, I'm afraid.
  • MARA: Perhaps, but I think these ones resourceful. We gift it in sympathy for their Traveler.

Uldren looks into the Guardian's eyes and scowls.

  • ULDREN: Mars. Eighty-four north, thirty-two east, Meridian Bay.

Uldren tosses the eye to the Guardian. Mara Sov stands.

  • MARA: I have shown you benevolence, Guardian. Should the Awoken ever need an ally, I will call on you, and expect you to answer.
  • ULDREN: She's saying you owe us, Guardian.
  • GUARDIAN: I understand. Your grace.

The Guardian bows and leaves. Ghost floats for a moment, then follows.

  • ULDREN: Good luck! (quietly) ... Getting through the Exclusion Zone.

{Mission ends}