A Hero's Return is a story mission that serves as the epilogue for the main story in Destiny.



The camera fades in on a shot of the Traveler, panning down towards the Tower in The City. The plaza is nearly overflowing with Guardians, watching as the Speaker addresses them from the balcony of Traveler's Walk.

  • THE SPEAKER: For centuries, we feared the forces of Darkness massing against us. We sought to hide and cower, beneath a broken god. No more. These Guardians show us what we are, what we have always been, and what we will be again. We are what remains of the Light, and we will not be stamped out.

The camera cuts to the Tower Hangar, where the Guardian's jumpship is docked. The Exo Stranger stands at the edge of the landing bay, looking out towards the world. The Guardian walks to her.

  • EXO STRANGER: It's a day for pretty speeches and medals. But we know the real fight takes place out there.

The Stranger picks up her weapon, The Stranger's Rifle, and hands it to the Guardian.

  • EXO STRANGER: Take this.

The Guardian takes it and looks it over.

  • EXO STRANGER: There's so much more, Guardian. I've seen terrible things born out in the Darkness. Every moment brings them closer. All ends are beginnings. Our fight is far from over.

The Exo Stranger steps forward and dissipates. The Guardian turns and walks away. Their jumpship powers up and takes off, departing the Tower and heading into Earth's orbit.

{Cutscene ends}


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