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"Two words: Sparrow jousting." 

"Two words: why not?"

—Marcus Ren and Amanda Holiday

Marcus Ren is a Hunter who became a legend in the Last City due to his skill in the Sparrow Racing League.


"But these are the Stompies. I'm going to do a test-drive, and if they rip my legs off—" 

"Is that likely?" 
"You disintegrate me quick before the rogue mechasynapses spread—" 
"WHAT— "

—Marcus Ren and Boaz

Marcus was part of several Fireteams of Guardians deployed to the Cosmodrome in the aftermath of the SIVA Crisis. The Fireteams found most of the House of Devils hideouts abandoned, with their banners and House armor burned. After the mission, Marcus spoke with Deputy Commander Sloane and stated that he believed that the Fallen's siege of the City was broken, as the other Fallen Houses across the system had also abandoned their holdings and disappeared.[1]

At some point, Marcus suggested to Amanda Holliday that they could attempt to use sparrows for jousting, which Amanda thought was a great idea.[2]

While working on the creation of the St0mp-EE5, Marcus invited fellow SRL racer Boaz to help test them. He asked Boaz to disintegrate him quickly if the boots ripped his legs off so that the rogue mechasynapses could not spread. Boaz was disconcerted about the experiment, noting he would not even get Crucible credit for the kill. Marcus offered to let him win their next race and noted that he could ask Ariadne Gris for help instead, as he was sure she would want to shoot him. His fellow racer agreed to help and Marcus began his first field test of the St0mp-EE5's.[3]


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