注意: 上記のテンプレートは部分的または完全に不可視になることがあります。
Please note this template is already offered on the editor through the reference feature - accessed through one of the following buttons on the editor: Reference Button Reference Button Source Mode Reference Button Visual Mode
To use this template, simply copy and paste the following code, between two ref tags (<ref>{{RefGame|<...>}}</ref>), after the section of information taken from a specified game:
  • Editors and then filling out the appropriate fields by placing the correct information after each tag.
  • Developer → Game developer
  • Year → Year of game release
  • Game → Title of game
  • Edition → Edition of game (e.g. Standard, limited, game of the year, platinum, etc.)
  • Mission → Mission or quest name
  • Console → Console edition of game (e.g. Xbox 360, PS3, or PC)
  • Publisher → Publisher of game (e.g. Activision)
  • Game name, mission name, console are compulsory fields, meaning that they must be filled out in order for the reference to work.
  • If an editor does not know a game's developer, edition, or publisher, they may leave the appropriate fields empty. However the editor must warn an administrator that the information is missing so it can be rectified at a later date.
  • Editors should always try to fill out as many fields as possible, and should always use this template when referencing a game.
Sample output
Placing the following code into the editor:

... as seen in Destiny.<ref name="Destiny Xbox 360">{{RefGame |developer= Bungie |year= 2013 |game= Destiny (Series) |edition= Standard |mission= 1st Mission |console= Xbox 360 |publisher= Activision }}</ref>

Will produce the following in the article text:

... as seen in Destiny.[1]

And will produce the following in the source/reference list at the bottom of the article:
  1. Bungie (2013) Destiny (Series): Standard, 1st Mission. Xbox 360, Activision.
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